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California, Los Angeles Police Department Air Support Division

LAPD Helicopter on patrol, Photo- courtesy of Glenn Grossman.The Los Angeles Police Department Air Support Division operates 12 Eurocopter AS350 B2 Astars, 4 Bell 206 helicopters, 1 Bell UH-1H Huey helicotper, and 1 King Air 200 Fixed Wing Aircraft.  

The Los Angeles Police Department Air support Division started with one helicopter a Hiller 12J in 1956, then added a second helicopter in 1963.

The LAPD Air Support Division claims to be the largest "Municipal" police air unit in the world.  

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California, Los Angeles County Sheriff's Dept. Aero Bureau

The Los Aneles County Sheriff's Department operates 12 Eurocopter "Astar" AS350 B2 helicopters, 3 Sikorsky HH3 helicopters, 2 Cessna 210 fixed wing aircraft and 1 Beach B200 fixed wing aircraft.  

The Los Angeles Sheriff's Department Aero Bureau also maintains a highly technical rescue unit known as "Air 5." Acording to the departments website;  

"The Air 5 rescue program provides some of the most advanced technical rescue capabilities available in the nation. With a flight crew of two deputy pilots a sergeant crew chief and two Emergency Service Detail deputy paramedics, the team is deployed on search and rescue and over-water operations, and can rapidly deploy Tactical Response Forces during major incidents." 

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