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California, Burbank & Glendale Police Joint Air Support Unit

The Burbank Police Department and the Glendale Police Department formed a joint police helicopter air support unit in 1979 to enhance public safety and provide an aerial law enforcement platform for the benefit of both cities.  Over 30 years later the unit continues to be a successful joint venture.  The joint air unit became more formalized in 2007.  Today the unit operates 3 turbine powered MD520 Notar helicopters.  The Notar (no tail rotor) helicopters reduce noice complaints from citizens, and significantly reduce the noise signature of the helicopter giving those involved in criminal activity less time to plan their getaway. 

In 2009 The Glendale/Burbank Police Air Support Unit began a test program with Pasadena Police to also share air support services with them, thus maximizing airborne assets while reducing costs further.  Pasadena Police operate their own air support unit which provides coverage for not only Pasadena but a number of partner cities.