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Ca. ABLE- Costa Mesa, Newport Beach, Santa Ana Air Support Unit

ABLE- (Airborne Law Enforcement Services) is a cooperative police air support unit between the three police departments in Orange Co. California, which includes the cities of Costa Mesa, Newport Beach and Santa Ana. 

Each city provides both monetary support as well as sworn pilots and observers to the program.  The unit operates 3 Eurocopter EC120 helicopters, and 1 Eurocopter AS350 helicopter.  When the unit is flying the helicopter goes by the call sign "Eagle." 

The Airborne Law Enforcement Services unit began in 1996 with an agreement between Costa Mesa and Newport Beach, with Santa Ana coming in later. 

While unit numbers are likely to change from time to time, following is a close representative of the unit as it exist today.

Costa Mesa- Contributes 4 sworn police officer pilots and 3 part time observers.

The EAGLE helicopter and crew flies out of John Wayne Airport in Orange County, Ca.

Newport Beach- Contributes 3 sworn police officer pilots, and 2 part time observers.

Santa Ana- Contributes 1 sworn police officer pilot and 1 observer.