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Arizona, Tucson Police Department Air Support Unit

The Tucson Police Air Support Unit was first established in 1972 and currently operates 3 Bell 206 helicopters and 1- Cessna 172 fixed wing aircraft.  The unit's home base is the Tucson International Airport. 

The City of Tucson is the county seat for Pima County Arizona, and is the second largest city in the state with a population of over 500,000 in the city limits, and metropolitan area population of approximately on million.  Like many police air support units, the Tucson Police Air Support unit is often called upon to assist smaller agencies in their area who do not have their own helicopter division. 

The Tucson Police Air Support Unit has a staff of 7 full time sworn police officer pilots, as well as two mechanics and a supervisor pilot. 

The unit responds to about 12,000 calls per year and during a recent year assisted on over 7 hundred arrest. 

The Tucson Police Air Support Unit  enjoys and outstanding safety record.