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Alaska Department of Public Safety Aircraft Section

The Alaska Department of Public Safety Aircraft Section is not your typical Police Aviation Unit by any means. 

First the Alaska Department of Public Safety divides it's troopers into two categories, State Troopers and Wildlife Troopers.  Together the two divisions operate a whopping 43 state owned aircraft all of which fall under the responsibility of the "Aircraft Section."

The Aircraft Section is responsible for not only the maintenance of all state owned aircraft but also the recurrent training and check rides for all DPS pilots. 

Presently the Alaska DPS operates the following aircraft;

2- Cessna 208 fixed wing.

2- Beech B200 fixed wing airplanes.

1- Cessna 206.

22- Piper PA-18 aircraft.

12 Cessna 185 aircraft.

1- Eurocopter AS350 helicopter.

3- Robinson R44 helicopters.

With it's 586,000 square miles of rugged land mass, and 36,000 miles of shore line, coupled with few roads and remote law enforcement outpost, many Alaska Troopers must be proficient pilots simply to patrol their areas of responsibility.  

Perhaps you have caught a recent episode of "Alaska State Troopers" on the National Geographic Channel.

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