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Alabama, Tuscaloosa County Sheriffs Aviation Unit

The Tuscaloosa County Sheriff's Aviation Unit is a full service, fully equipped law enforcement air unit operating two Bell OH58 helicopters.  The unit is staffed by four deputy pilots, and three tactical flight officers. 

The Tuscaloosa Sheriff's Air Unit was first formed in 2000 and goes by the name E.A.G.L.E. which is an acronym for Effective Air Ground Law Enforcement.

Like most law enforcement air support units, the helicopters are used in a variety of missions to include; surveillance, patrol, search and rescue, and to assist in court case preparation. 

Unlike, some military surplus helicopters, the Tuscaloosa Sheriff's Aviation Unit helicopters are fully outfitted to include; moving map system, FLIR camera, MDT- Mobile Data Terminal, and full night vision goggle compatibility. 

Visit the Tuscaloosa Sheriff's Aviation Unit website here.