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We take you inside the cockpit of law enforcement helicopters around the world while sharing knowledge and insight on how to become a police or sheriff helicopter pilot.

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Tactical Pants.com Interviews the Host of Police Helicopter Pilot.com

A while back I was contacted by a lady who writes the blog for www.tacticalpants.com  asking if I would be interested in doing a small interview.  Of course I said yes right away.  Any publicity is good publicity right?  What caught me by surprise was just how well the blog was written.  Who would have thought a blog about Tactical Pants would be at all interesting?  Well I can tell you this lady does a fantastic job.  Worthy of checking out.  Makes me want to go buy a pair of tactical pants! 

Here is a thought though.  I am a huge fan of cargo pants.  But trying to find good looking cargo pants at a reasonable price is almost a full time job.  Perhaps I sould start looking for tactical pants instead of cargo pants? 

Here is a link to the interview at the Tactical Pants Blog.