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San Diego Sheriff Helicopter Photo Dragged Into Political Media Circus

San Diego Sheriff ASTREA MD530F Helicopter & SWAT deputiesA photo of a San Diego Sheriff's helicopter with three SWAT team members has been thrust into the center of a political media circus, at least by the radical left blog/website, talkingpointsmedia.com.  Obviously a knock off of the Bill Orielly Fox News "Talking Points Memo". 

Look this is not a political website and I will not enter into the political fray.  But the San Diego Sheriff's Department, Deputy Marshall Abbott, and even the Sheriff's ASTREA Aviation Unit are taking an undeserved political beating, at least by the far left radical bloggers, headed up by talkingpointsmemo.com.

This all stems from a noise complaint by a neighbor in the seaside community of Cardiff By The Sea, (Encinitas Ca.) during a democratic fundraising event by democratic congressional hopeful Francine Busby of the 50th congressional district. 

I will not get into the particulars of the case as I will leave that up to the various department investigators and external media looking into the incident,  but here is a readers digest version. 

Francine  Busby makes a political fundraising speech at the home of a reported lesbian couple.  Annoyed neighbor allegedly makes anti-democratic and anti-gay slurs over the fence.  Sheriff's Department receives a noise complaint from someone who states they are willing to sign a citizens arrest form against the person's responsible for disturbing their peace.  Oh, and Mrs. Busby did use some type of loud speaker system, for some period of time, during the speech. 

Now there are tons of details that I am not going to get into for the purposes of this post, but it is a whole lot of "he said she said type stuff."  Ultimately a deputy attempted to arrest the homeowner for 148(a) PC Resisting and Obstructing an Officer in the Performance of his Duties. 

The crowd of attendees attempted to rescue the homeowner from the custody of the deputy, and pepper spray was deployed.  All the makings of an early Christmas present for the radical political bloggers to say the least.

Essentially all of the headlines state something like "Democratic fundraiser raided by San Diego Sheriff's Department with 8 patrol cars and helicopter."  Of course each headline is a variation of the above, but they are all pretty much consistent. 

Now look, I don't care if you are an Independent, Democrat, Republican, White, Black, Hispanic, Asian, Straight or Gay, that is your business not mine.  The fact is that certain radical bloggers are getting a lot of mileage out of this incident. 

Here is the real crux of this article.  Talkingpointsmemo.com has written numerous articles/post about this incident.  But I really had to laugh and the last article that came across my "Google Alerts." 

"Helicopter Porn" was the title of their latest post.  Well this got my attention!  I guess the talkingpintsmemo.com just couldn't resist the urge to trash, besmirch and belittle a photo of three of San Diego's SWAT Deputies posing on an ASTREA helicopter.

We'll get to that photo in a moment, but here is a tidbit of info for any unbiased bloggers or reporters out there. 

Hint- a "raid" is when you get a bunch of cops together with a tactical plan, generally a search warrant or 4th waiver search, and you plan to go and hit a place, generally someplace where criminals and crooks hide and reside.  This is a planned, thought out event. 

A single deputy sheriff accompanied by a civilian psych clinician-PERT (Psychological Emergency Response Team) member, responding to a noise complaint, attempting to fill out a first response notice, sanctioned by the City of Encinitas, who is met with resistance and then a hostile crowd, and is forced to call for "cover" or assistance from other deputies, is hardly a "raid."  My 12 year old son understands this difference but apparently certain members of the media don't. 

The radical bloggers seem to be perplexed as to why a Sheriff's Department Helicopter and 8 patrol cars would show up to a "democratic fundraising event," as if it was all planned and all a political maneuver. 

So here is a tip for the radical bloggers.  When a deputy sheriff or a police officer anywhere in the entire freakin confines of San Diego County calls for "cover" for any damn reason at all, they are going to get the whole enchilada!  Patrol cars, helicopters, k9 units, bordering agencies, CHP, Border Patrol, Private Security or anybody else who gets the message that an officer or deputy needs help.  We don't really give a damn if it's in a gang infested neighborhood or an upscale community in Cardiff By The Sea!

To be more specific, how about that helicopter?  Well genius, we go out on patrol for the sole purpose of assisting any officer or deputy on the ground that can use our assistance.  While we are up on patrol we monitor 2-3-4 police radios with multiple frequencies, handling the radio traffic of several hundred law enforcement officers throughout the county.  While the helicopter is on patrol it responds to any damn call it is requested for, or which the crew thinks in can be of any assistance!  

For example, we will routinely orbit any traffic stops we come across or which we hear put out by an officer within our general vicinity.  I don't care (and I don't know) what political, racial, or sexual persuasion the driver of the car happens to be.   It may be a little old lady on the way to Sunday services, or a hard core gang member with prior violent felony assault on police officers!  Additional, I don't give a damn what race, sex, political affiliation, or sexual preference the deputy or officer happens to be.  When a deputy or officer ask for assistance, they get it!  Helicopter and all.

So in this incident the helicopter was not a part of a so called "raid."  Rather it was responding to a deputy sheriff asking for assistance!  And it will continue to respond to any law enforcement officer(s) in the county who ask for assistance, as well as a multitude of other crimes and incidents. 

So about that helicopter photo:  Talkingpointsmemo.com just couldn't resist the temptation to scan the San Diego Sheriff's official website for a helicopter photo for a blog post they titled "Helicopter Porn".  The article generally be-smirches the SWAT deputies calling the photo "beef-cakish" and somehow offering it as an explanation for the "raid" on the democratic fund raising event. 

The photo in question is of three SWAT deputies (talkingpointsmemo.com incorrectly identifies them as pilots) posing on one of our MD 530F helicopters, at the request of a professional photographer.  I believe the photo was taken specifically for use in a law enforcement magazine article.  A damn nice photo if you ask me.  In fact I think some people would call this art, but then I guess that is in the eye of the beholder. 

P.S. Talkingpointsmemo.com, don't assume that every law enforcement officer that you belittle and love to hate, votes Republican, because I can assure you they do not.

Lastly, radical blogger(s) if you or your family were taken hostage by a hardened criminal or terrorist (I know you don't really believe terrorist exist, but try for just a moment) you would beg and pray for these three men (and others like them) to come and save you and your family members, (think Russian school hostage incident).  You would still hate them afterward, but then it is a free country after all!