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Night Helicopter Photo Separates The Pros from the Amateurs

MD500 night shot, Dan Megna photo.This photo taken by retired deputy/pilot Dan Megna has been setting on my computer for many months just waiting for the right story or article to couple it with.  Tired of waiting, I finally decided that the photo is just too nice to sit around in an electronic folder.  So here it is, with permission of the owner of course.

The location is the San Marcos Sheriff's Station heli-pad at dusk.  Your host is in the pilot's seat with the NVG friendly green lip light illuminated.  As the picture attest, this was no "point and shoot" photo but rather a carefully choreographed dance between lighting and spinning rotors.  It is a far cry from the many amateur photos on this site (taken by yours truly) that I am sure are capable of making most professional photographers cringe.  The photo was taken in support of a helicopter magazine article written by Dan.  

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