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UK Gypsies Trash Police Helicopter Valued at 5 Million Pounds

File photo of German Police EC 135, source Stahlkocher Wikimedia.orgSeveral newspapers in the UK are reporting that a group of gypsies, upset at being surveilled by the local police helicopter, climbed into a secure area and attacked the helicopter with axes. 

The Gypsies or "travellers" as they are sometimes called, and their remote campsite, was the subject of a theft and stolen property investigation wherein the police helicopter was used to gather evidence from the air. 

The incident occurred yesterday evening around 10pm local time, after the gang climbed a 4' wall at the police forces helipad at Fairoaks Airport near Woking.  The helicopter, a twin engine EC 135, belonged to the Surrey Police Department.  It is the only helicopter owned or operated by the department.

Surrey is a county in the south east of England and borders Greater London, Kent East and West Sussex, Hampshire and Berkshire.  The county has an abundance of mature woodland, which is perhaps why the band of Gypsies was camped there.

Reports are that most of the damage was to the helicopter's windows, and that it should return to service in about two weeks.