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Brazen Helicopter Heist in Stockholm Nets Millions

Stockholm Sweden is no stranger to bank robberies and heists.  After all it brought us the condition known as the "Stockholm Syndrome" wherein a hostage bonds with and then begins to protect their hostage taker.  But the pre-dawn heist yesterday from a G4S cash depot sets a new standard for thinking outside the box, in regards to planning and carrying out a bank heist.

Stockholm police arrived on scene to hear and see a Bell Jet Ranger helicopter, with all of it's position and anti-collision lights turned off, in tight orbits over the cash depot building.  Police were not equipped to go up against the potentially heavily armed robbers who had smashed and exploded thier way into the building, after being lowered onto the roof by the helicopter.  Police were instead forced to maintain a perimeter on the building until a special police commando unit arrived on scene.  At that time the robbers, along with the stolen loot, were apparently hoisted back aboard the helicopter and flew away.

Swedish Police Helicopter, EC 135, wikimedia.comMeanwhile the Stockholm Police helicopter was grounded due to a strategically placed fake bomb, next to their aircraft.  There would be no Hollywood style helicopter vs. helicopter chase in the skies over the Swedish country side on this day.

The helicopter, which turned out to be stolen, was later discovered near a lake about 15 miles north of the city.  No arrest have been made but a large cash reward for information leading to the arrest of those responsible has already been made.

Reports are that as much as $150 million could have been stored in the cash depot at the time of the heist.  The exact amount of money taken during the heist is still unknown at this time.  A million dollar reward is being offered for information leading to the arrest of those responsible.

While such a robbery has all the earmarks of a great Hollywood movie, along with a touch of genius, let's try to remember that a thief is a thief.  They take what does not belong to them, but what someone else has worked hard for.  Reservations are currently being prepared for the above thieves at a quaint prison somewhere in Sweden!