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South African Police Helicopter Pilot Shot But Continues to Fly

South African newspapers reported this week that a police helicopter pilot was shot not once, but twice, while chasing robbers in the area of Lenasia, near Johannesburg. 

The robbers had apparently held up an armored car, (referred to as a "cash in transit" vehicle in South Africa) earlier in the day and were in the process of car jacking a vehicle on a local freeway when the police helicopter arrived on scene.  After taking one round in the leg the pilot and crew continued to follow the robbery suspects and attempted to force them off of the road.  At some point during the chase the pilot took a second round. 

The pilot, identified as 40 year old Rob Siegrist, eventually flew himself to a local hospital for treatment.  He was expected to make a full recovery.  A total of four suspects were subsequently arrested, and some of the stolen property recovered, according to South African police authorities.