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Mystery Solved, Photographer of "Questionable" Helicopter Pic Identified

David Schinman photo www.davidschinman.com

A couple of weeks back I wrote a post about how this photo was dragged into the center of a political media circus in a story that got national attention.  One particular website went so far as to grab this photo off of the S.D. Sheriff's Official website and label it "Helicopter Porn." You can imagine that this got my attention when it came across my Google alerts.

I noted at the time that these three SWAT deputies were asked to pose for the photo by a professional photographer, who likely used the photo in a law enforcement magazine article.  I even went so far as to call it art. 

I first attributed the photo to Dan Megna, one of our recently retired pilots who is also an accomplished photographer.  But Dan directed me to a friend, Jason Colquhoun, who also leads a double life as both a professional helicopter pilot (Jason flies for Hummingbird Helicopters- a crop spraying operation in So. Cal.) and a professional photographer and writer.  Jason currently writes for Vertical Magazine, a popular helicopter publication.

I recently got a-hold of Jason, fully expecting him to take credit for the above photo.  However, Jason advised that the photo in question is the handi-work of one Dave Schinman, a professional photographer out of New York City, (I think Jason got the assist though).  A quick peek at www.davidschinman.com confirms that Mr. Schinman is indeed an accomplished photographer who it appears has photographed the likes of Donald Trump. 

Perhaps Mr. Schinman would be amused to learn that one of his photos reached the status of "helicopter porn." 

Mystery solved!

Still looks like art to me.................