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Arizona DPS Helicopter First to Locate Fatal Bi Plane Crash

File photo of a Boeing Stearman (E-75), Juergen Lehle photo wikimedia.orgON Tuesday August 4th just after 3:00 pm a bright yellow vintage bi-plane with two souls on board departed Cottonwood Airport in the mountains south of Flagstaff Az.  Within a few minutes, according to at least one witness, the engine was sputtering and the airplane appeared to go down over a ridgeline.

On board the 1943 Boeng E-75 was Edward Remiro (32) and his father Robert Romero (72), residents of a local Navajo Indian Reservations.  One or both Remiro's also maintained a home in San Diego Ca. as well. 

The elder Remiro died on impact, leaving the younger Remiro with serious injuries to call for help on his cell phone.  An Arizona Department of Public Safety Helicopter was dispatched to search for the crash, as the Edward Remiro was unable to pinpoint his exact location.

The crew of the DPS helicopter discovered the crash site at around 3:42 pm in a clearing just south west of Stoneman Lake and rendered treatment to the victims until medical personnel arrived.  Edward Remiro was evacuated by medical helicopter and is expected to survive his injuries. 

The cause of the crash is still being investigated.

Excellent work by the DPS helicopter crew and all rescue personnel.