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Medical Helicopter outfitted with soft lighting and soothing colors

University Hospital - Cincinnati's newest EC 145 medical helicopter

The soothing interior cabin of Cincinnati University Hospital's EC 145 medical helicopter

Peering into the crew cabin of this EC 145 medical helicopter on display at Heli-Expo 2013 almost made me want to tune in a jazz station and pour a glass of wine. I know colors can effect mood so I have no doubt a lot of thought was put into the lighting and color combo of the cabin interior with the purpose of providing a soothing environment for patients. 

N145UC is the an EC 145 air ambulance based out of University Hospital, Cincinnati OH. Photo- Metro Aviation

This EC 145 was completed by Metro Aviation of Shreveport Louisiana and is operated by Air Care Mobile Care in conjunction with the University of Cincinnati Hospital. In addition to this helicopter they operate a second EC 145 and a BK 117 which is the predecessor to the EC 145.   

A partial view of the glass cockpit and the state of the art panel

I don't know if they give interior design awards to helicopters, but if they did this one surely win an award. Here is one last look.  

The interior of this EC 145 air ambulance seems to welcome patients with open arms. 

Well this was just one helicopter within 1.5-million-sq-ft exhibit space and indoor static display that made up Heli-Expo 2013. Over 700 vendor displays in all. While not all were helicopters, many were. On to the next...