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The Role of the Modern Day Police Helicopter

What Can a Police Helicopter Do For You

If you have watched a movie with exciting chases of a criminal (or an innocent person wrongly framed in a crime), it is quite likely you have seen a helicopter involved in the process of tracking. Reality is not far removed from this, and police helicopters are often involved in search operations for the simple reason that they can help scan even an extensive area in just a few minutes, as compared to a search by road. Here are a few of the major functions that a police helicopter assists with.

Pursuits of Fleeing Persons

When suspects or criminals are on the run, tracking them on foot can be quite difficult and in some cases, even futile. Having a police helicopter working in coordination with a team on the ground can help save valuable time and also make it easier to successfully apprehend the person being pursued. Besides, the police helicopter can also collect video footage that can come in handy in prosecuting offenders.

Missing Persons Search

When a person is reported missing, a police helicopter may be pressed into action if it is suspected that the person is in grave danger. Thanks to the speed with which the aviation police teams can cover a large area, they are a natural choice for such situations. In recent times, police helicopters are becoming increasingly technology-driven and with the help of thermal imaging technology, it is possible to locate missing persons with greater ease and accuracy. Road truckers are an important resource for law enforcement agencies when it comes to looking for missing persons; and having police helicopter pilots liaise with truckers can make it easier to locate missing persons faster.

Public Safety Monitoring

Events such as major sports meets or the public address by an important government figure, or even a mass protest can quickly turn ugly when miscreants use the crowd to their advantage. Having a police helicopter with the ability to take pictures from the air proves a high degree of visibility that is not available to the ground force. Deploying a helicopter at such events is part of the routine security measures, especially when there is a strong likelihood of some disruptive elements causing danger.

Helicopters may be used to collect all relevant photographic evidence that can make it easier for subsequent investigations to pinpoint the cause of the trouble. Similarly, this information also helps the police force to prepare for future events with greater caution to avoid a repeat of such damage.

Besides helicopters, some police departments may also make use of airplanes when there is a need for unobtrusive surveillance from higher up in the sky.

Along with a pilot to handle the aircraft, there are other officers who use the equipment on-board and also keep in constant touch with law enforcement teams on the ground through communication channels on-board. Most police helicopter units are equipped with equipment for both daytime as well as night vision and, therefore, are equally effective at both times. Fitted with lighting, video equipment, and radio facilities, the police helicopter is a craft that can be very effective in law enforcement. This article was provided by Capital Solutions, Inc. a leader in truck financing