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Book "Catch The Sky" Highlighted in Rotorcraft Pro Magazine

The first of what should be three articles- stories taken from the book Catch The Sky' The Adventures and Misadventures of a Police Helicopter Pilot- will be appearing in Rotorcraft Pro beginning with the June addition of the magazine. 

The first article titled Running Shootout is a true story of a running shootout between San Diego Police Officers and a wanted armed robbery suspect. The suspect, driving a black Honda Civic and the San Diego Police Officers pursuing him in their squad cars exchanged gunfire in 9 different locations as the pursuit wound it's way through residential streets and along the 54 freeway in the south county.  

At one point the pursuit entered the county area of Spring Valley which is where my partner and I picked it up and got overhead in our MD530F helicopter. Click on the link to read the story in Rotorcraft's online version then just click through until you get to The Running Shootout.