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San Diego Sheriff's Copter 10 Responds To Riverside County For Hoist Rescue

Rocky Laws photo, San Diego Sheriff Bell 205 Huey hoist ship.On 02-05-11 at 1239 hours, San Diego Sheriff's Copter 10 received a request from Cal Fire in Riverside County for a hoist ship. The request was for mutual aid assistance in the rescue of an injured hiker in the Aguanga area of Riverside.

The 61 year old victim, who was possibly suffering froma stroke, was in a steep canyon that was not accessible by ground. Copter 10, piloted by Sheriff's Cpl. Tony Webber, arrived on scene 27 minutes after receiving the call for help. Cal Fire Captain Jim Barthol operated the hoist while Fire Fighter Darren Sowa was lowered down to the victim.

Sowa secured the victim in a Screamer Suit and they were both hoisted up approximately 80 feet into the helicopter. The victim was flown to an airstrip less than a minute away and was handed off to Mercy Air for transport to the hospital.