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Another rescue at Cedar Creek Falls

You may be asking where are all the car chases, burglaries, robberies, etc.  Well those calls are out there, but it seems to be just a little quiet right now.

Warm weather this week (Sunday) brought another crowd of hikers and swimmers to Cedar Creek Falls, east of Ramona Ca.  One adult male jumped or dove into the pool at the base of the falls head first.  He suffered a neck injury and had to be hoisted out. 

We responded in the small helicopter first (MD530F) and located the victim.  We then immediately flew to the closest fire station and picked up a paramedic, returned and landed a short distance from the base of the falls.  After a short hike the paramedic was tending to the victim along with an unidentified foriegn female doctor who was visiting and also hiking in the area.  We called the base and ordered up our Sheriff's Fire/Hoist helicopter to hoist the victim out. 

Once on scene the fire ship hoisted down a Cal-Fire EMT (our fire helicopters are operated jointly with Cal-Fire) and the necessary equipment.  The patient was soon packaged and a basket lift was performed.  As of this writing it is my understanding that the patient did suffer some spinal cord damage, but the extent is not known.  Below is a picture of Cedar Creek Falls on the day of the rescue.

Cedar Creek Falls, between Ramon & Julian Ca.