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Winter Storm Will Put Undocumented Aliens in Jeopardy

A two stage winter storm moved through Southern California this week dumping considerable rain and snow in the mountains and across the county.  It has been my experience that any time harsh weather, whether hot or cold hits the county it takes it's toll on any undocumented aliens making their way north from Mexico through San Diego's rugged back country. 

It's highly unlikely that a migrant traveler from deep within Mexico, gets accurate weather reports before he or she crosses the border and begins what can be several days or even weeks of walking and trying to survive in the mountains.  As much as they may try to prepare, they generally have no idea that a harsh winter storm is making it's way south, while they are moving north.  Anyone without proper gear, shelter, or heat can begin suffering from hypothermia within just a few hours of becoming wet and cold.  Without shelter and heat, death generally follows very quickly. 

While this is not a political website, I am always dumbfounded by the migrant rights activists who are against any and all attempts to stem the flow of migrants across the border.  While they pass themselves off as a friend of the migrant, their positions on immigration and border enforcement in many cases help seal the fate of many migrants who succumb to the elements on their trek north. 

It's very unlikely that a winter storm such as the one that passed through this week, did not leave a few victims behind in our back country.  Normally the victim's bodies start showing up over the next 1-3 weeks, as their companions who survived make the way out of the mountains and report the victims who did not make it.  Other bodies will be discovered and reported by migrants who move through the area after the storm has passed.  As the reports come in we will fly out and long line the bodies out of the canyons and mountain passes so they can be returned to Mexico. 

It's funny that the migrant rights activist are never around when it's time to pick the bodies up.  

Hopefully I am wrong, but I expect a small handful of bodies to be discovered and recovered in San Diego's back country over the next 1-3 weeks as a direct result of this storm.  I would also not be surprised if we have a couple of rescues of migrants who have survived the storm, and are on the ragged edge between life and death.  

Helicopters do indeed save lives!