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We take you inside the cockpit of law enforcement helicopters around the world while sharing knowledge and insight on how to become a police or sheriff helicopter pilot.

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About Darryl Kimball

Darryl grew up in the small town of Oktaha Oklahoma with 10 brothers and sisters.  After high school he came west to sunny southern California and at the age of 22 was sworn in as a deputy sheriff working in the county jail system for the San Diego Sheriff's Department. 

After four years of jail duty he would spend the next 16 years driving a black and white patrol vehicle in various parts of San Diego County with 12 of those years in Valley Center.  In March of 2005, a full five years after his first interview, he was transferred to the department's helicopter aviation unit.  At the time he had no prior aviation experience, just a love of flying and flying machines. 

At the time Darryl launched this site in 2008 he was a brand new pilot with just a few hundred hours of helicopter flight time. On July 3rd, 2015 Darryl retired from the Sheriff's Department with just over 2100 hours in helicopters and over 1900 hours of turbine time.  

Fly safe!